New Year's Day 2020

Festive Buffet - January 1st 2020 at 18:00-21:00


Starters Goose liver mousse with red onion jam | Lobster salad |Marinated scallops with lime and chili | Shrimps with avocado and rucola | Blackened salmon with cinnamon and cumin | Marinated arctic char with spring onion | Reindeer pate with redcurrant sauce | Duck salad with pears and sesame dressing | Double smoked lamb with horseradish | Cured blackbird with blue cheese sauce.
Main Courses Slow cooked venison | Veal rib-eye | Leg of lamb with Larch mushroom sauce | Marinated monkfish with fennel flavored lobster sauce | Pan Fried cod with tomato salad, barley and herb oil.
Sides Mashed potatoes with bacon | Roasted root vegetables Broccoli salad | Romaine salad  | Melon and mango salad.
Vegetable dishes Lentil and vegetable wellington Portobello mushrooms | Zucchini and barley in ginger sauce.
Desserts French After Eight chocolate cake | Cherry Pavlova | White Chocolate Caramel Cake | Chocolate Raspberry Cake

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14.900 kr.
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Börn 6-11 ára
7.450 kr.
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Börn 0-5 ára
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